Virtually no other form of clothing makes such a strong statement and is as complicated to make as a pair of gloves. In the past, gloves were a symbol of power and were worn by kings, emperors, tsars and popes. Today, gloves represent luxury and a special attitude towards life. Fine silk scarves and shawls, knitted accessories and bags also embody a passion for detail and emphasise the personal style of the wearer as a styling and fashion accessory.


The Roeckl brand represents authenticity, dynamic craftsmanship traditions and a passion for detail – fuelled by the desire to create charming items which are characterised by their perfect fit, accomplished processing, exquisite materials and sophisticated timeless design. Only top quality materials are used such as leather, silk and cashmere. Production takes place at the company’s own manufacturing plant and each pair of gloves is skilfully produced by hand. Roeckl combines these attributes with functionality, fashion expertise and over 170 years of craftsmanship. The company has set itself the goal of combining traditional and modern values.


The quality and expertise in the design, materials and processing is expressed in the Roeckl products and in company’s commitment to maintaining good relations with customers, sales partners and retailers.This is how Roeckl shapes the world of accessories everyday throughout the world.

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