Gloves Can Do So Much More Than Keep You Warm. They Can Start A Fire.


Leadership of the enterprise has remained in the family for six generations, and Annette Roeckl is pursuing her vocation with passion and success. She did not take on the role as an entrepreneur until later in life, and up to age 20 she did not even wear gloves on principle. But after the birth of her son, Annette Roeckl began an apprenticeship in the family business. When she was asked to temporarily deputize for her mother in Marketing, she realized how enjoyable she found the work. Gradually, Annette Roeckl grew into her role as the next head of the family business, and took over the position in 2003.

The market for deluxe gloves and accessories presents both challenges and opportunities, and she looks confidently towards the future. She deliberately follows her own policy of creating favourite items for her customers. Her inspiration has always been her passion for style and unsurpassed quality. Her success justifies her course. Exports are rising sharply. Russia is a particularly profitable foreign market, with its long winters and desire for luxury. Annette Roeckl is vigorously pursuing her vision of developing other foreign markets. After all, Roeckl once had a subsidiary in New York, 100 years ago.

Today, Annette Roeckl is a committed wearer of gloves. Even if she is just stepping out for an espresso in the Roecklplatz. Because when you are wearing gloves you just feel better dressed.

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